4 Major Benefits of Moisturizers - Men

If you’re a guy like me who never really understood how moisturizers worked outside of making our skin feel soft, just know you’re not alone.

As a young, shy, and handsome guy living in NYC, I’d always felt pressure to try and look good at all times. Mix that with working long hours and always being on the go, it became evident that I needed to focus more attention on how I was treating myself, more specifically, my face.

It wasn’t until I started my own journey into skincare that I uncovered the multitude of benefits that moisturizers had on our face, and the rest of our skin for that matter--regardless of our skin type.

With that being said, I wanted to share with you some of the key benefits I learned that moisturizers have for men based on my own personal experience and research from dermatologists around the globe; hopefully giving you that extra push to start your journey into looking fresh.

As a preface, in the event that you’re a guy with oily skin (myself included), I’d recommend grabbing a moisturizer that’s oil-free and/or water based. For those of you with dry skin or living within conditions that cause you to have dry skin, I’d recommend a moisturizer with hydroxy acids or glycerin to better retain moisture.

Benefits of Moisturizer for Men

1. Helps prevent early formation of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. 

Moisturizing daily helps to keep your skin hydrated. It also helps to replenish the moisture you lose on a daily basis, whether that's from showering and washing your body or from the cold winter air, prolonging the dry, cracked skin that we get as we age.

2. Helps to protect your skin from blackheads and congestion.

The skin is an excretory organ, meaning that water particles in your skin push oil up onto the surface of the skin to create the acid mantle, which acts as your skin’s natural moisturizer. The lack of proper hydration within the skin, therefore, will cause blockages in your skin’s hair follicles thanks to built up oil and dead skin cells, resulting in blackheads and congestion.

3. Helps keep our skin glowing.

Having our skin remain hydrated is essential for helping reduce trans-epidermal water loss, covering small skin fissures, and providing a soothing protective film. Think of it as a nice way to sharpen any rough edges ;).

4. Helps prevent redness and inflammation from irritated skin.

Water is one of the most vital components for proper skin functioning. It’s the lack of hydration in our skin that can result in that red and inflamed appearance we may get after a long day out in the cold or in the sun. Because of this, you want to try to make sure you keep your skin hydrated.


Fellas, trust me when I say there’s nothing beta about taking care of yourself (and your skin). 

My hope is that after reading this article, you’ll be one step closer to starting down your own path into skincare (self-care) journey. 

For those of you that are just getting started with skincare, I highly recommend also checking out my quick guide on how to get started with skincare for men.

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