3 Male Hygiene Disciplines You Can Do Today To Feel Confident And Look Awesome

A man's ability to exude confidence comes from within; it's derived from our belief in our practices, our discipline in our principles, and how we perceive these outcomes.

In short, the more you can control, the more you feel in control.

These are three hygiene disciplines I implement everyday to help me gain confidence and feel more in control.

#1: Have a daily skincare routine!

Human beings are creatures of habit. We personally crave routine, it helps us establish an internal baseline. My daily skincare routine is especially appreciated by my spontaneous lifestyle.

I perform mine right when I wake up and right before bedtime; it's a perfect way for me to level set internally when starting my day and ending it.

If you don't have a skincare routine, all you need is a cleanser and moisturizer to start. Quite simply, if you have oily skin, find a cleanser and moisturizer that are both oil free. For drier skin, you'll have more options and flexibility there to see what works for you.

My point is, with a daily skincare routine, you’ll feel in charge of your physical appearance, and with that daily discipline comes confidence!

#2: Spruce Up Your Haircare!

If your face is the Mona Lisa, your hair is the frame in which it is presented.

Like no two snowflakes are made the exact same way, there are no two hair types that are perfectly identical, so take this with a grain of salt.

That being said, this is the easiest thing you can do today that will help your hair feel nourished, smell amazing, and look thicker.

Leave your conditioner in! I personally add a dollup of conditioner to my hair post shower, which I then blow dry (with some heat resistant Argan oil) to create my legendary hair-do.

You can test this with your favorite conditioners and/or be bold with some you haven't tried yet! Also, they don't necessarily need to be "Leave-In" conditioners; the ones I've used in the past are just straight up conditioners.

This technique is especially ideal If you're expecting a friend for a night cap; it makes your hair malleable, shapeable, and invites playful tugging (if you're into that sort of thing).

Final tip here; don't fall asleep with your hair product in. A lot of these hair gels, pomades, and molding creams can damage your hair from prolonged exposure. Rinse your hair every night and try my method, you'll go to sleep a refreshed man.

#3: Trim the hedges!

What does the lawn to your house say about you?

Being Always Mission Ready means that you are prepared at any moment to explore new frontiers, or in this case, to have your frontiers be explored!

Every night post shower, I take a good hard look at my body, taking special aim at my more intimate features below, and trim/shave where needed.

Here's a tip, play to your strengths and highlight your features. Being Filipino, I don't have robust patches of hair on my chest, only a few stragglers from time to time, so this is easy to trim up.

I personally get rid of all my hairs above the waistline; below the waistline requires more precision.

In plain english; I remove the extraneous hairs on my unit; I outline an upside down pyramid which basically acts as an arrow to my main event; I finish by trimming down that triangle with a 1 on my razor to reduce bushiness.

Again, every man will have a different preference for manscaping their body. When you're constantly redefining your preference, you'll always be ready to show off your property!

With these three disciplines in male hygiene, you will immediately see improvements and feel more confident. The longer you do them and become more disciplined, the more you'll expand and see better results.

Start today; you'll see the difference!

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